kitchenNo room is as versatile as the kitchen. As the hub of your home, this utilitarian unit is where food is prepared, guests are entertained, and meals are shared. Walking into the kitchen should evoke a sense of energy and excitement. Yet, remodeling it on your own can be tricky.
If you’re looking to redesign or remodel your kitchen, let Moderna Design successfully blend its functionality with your personal prerequisites. While a sink, stove, refrigerator, and oven are vital components of this room, we’ll use our expertise to make a few changes that will fully meet your unique set of needs.


From designing, choosing appliances, to coordinating between different specialty trades contractors, we deliver a perfect final space. When remodeling your kitchen, we consider your aspirations and use simple yet elegant color and décor patterns to create a bright or cheery atmosphere that captivates. Placemats, family pictures or tabletop decorations, we use them all to add a subtle personality and variety.
Before remodeling your kitchen, our interior designers consider the:


  • Storage needs: Do you need more storage? What do you need more storage for?
  • Appliance preferences:  Do you prefer a range or cooktop & wall ovens? What size range & refrigerator do you prefer?  What is the smallest you would find acceptable if there is limited space? Do you want a microwave, & if yes, what size?  Would you also like a wine refrigerator?
  • Type of cooking you do: If you do a lot of baking in your kitchen, you may want a lower surface to roll out dough.  If you do a lot of high flame cooking, a more powerful hood would become critical.  Storing utensils & other equipment where you will use it should be considered.
  • Seating/dining space desired:  How many people would you like to be able to eat in the kitchen? Would kitchen counter height seating be OK?


No project is too big or small for us. We are prompt and based on the size of your kitchen, the type of cabinets and finishes, remodeling takes 3 to 12 weeks.


Whether laying tile, organizing rooms, finding furniture, or picking colors and carpeting, Moderna Design can complement them all, creating your home’s perfect look within your budget.

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