moderna-aboutWhen she was younger, design and architecture were a natural fit as a career choice for Donna who was greatly inspired by her father’s success and passion as a general contractor and architect.


As a strategic interior designer, Donna is an accomplished home decorator with unending drive to offer her clients a priceless sense of convenience and cost saving. Most of her clients refer to her as “The one to get it done”.


Donna’s thirst for success, perpetual desire to fulfill client’s needs, dedication and personal integrity are touchstones that have made her, one of the most creative and reliable modern interior designers in Los Angeles.


Donna loves to make every interior perfect. Her goal is to provide clients with a remodeled space that is not only functional and affordable, but also well-curated, and bespoke to their unique needs and style.


As an accomplished young home decorator, Donna’s endeavors have always entailed undying quest for achievement, bringing value to her clients, and perhaps making lifelong investments.


Donna studied interior design and architecture at UCLA. Thanks to her background in construction, Donna has sharpened her remodeling, redesign and creative décor skills to become who she is today.

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