Feng shui is the Chinese art or practice if creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of the yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the sitting of a house.



fengColors can alter your mood. It is important to play around with colors to find the right balance for you.

RED: passion, power, stimulation, and high energy (suggest using it in the dining room, bedroom or with upholstery)

ORANGE: creativity, happiness, enthusiasm, and communication (suggest using it as accents)

YELLOW: cheerfulness, light-heartedness, and mental stimulation (suggest using it in kitchens, but NOT in bedrooms)

GREEN: growth, harmony, nature, safety, peace and healing (suggest using it in bedrooms, bathrooms and offices)

BLUE: trust, loyalty, confidence, faith (suggest using it as accents around the house and in bedrooms)

PURPLE: romance, luxury, nobility, wealth, spirituality, and motivation (suggest using in the bedroom)

BLACK: power, independence (suggest using pictures frames, decoration pieces)

BROWN: stability, humility (suggest using brown in the living room)

WHITE: cleanliness, vibrancy (use sparingly; too much white can feel cold)



Most people simply put everything against the wall when it comes to furniture placement. This creates negative energy and dead space.

Energy should always flow, so you don’t have to make everything so symmetrical all the time. Balance is more important than symmetry. The rule of thumb is to think outside the box and don’t decorate in the most obvious way. Mix furniture and decor with a wide range of variety, vintages, and textures.

When it comes to the decor and furniture, if you want more of a strong and independent look, incorporate circular, oval, and arched shapes along with granite, marble, and flagstone. Artwork and decor with metal, stone, brass, iron, copper, or gold is integral as well.

For leadership and creating a healthy emotional interaction between people, you should use artwork that involves sunshine or any form of natural illumination along with pyramids, cones, natural sunlight, feathers, silk, or wool.

For more order and sensuality, use furniture with squares, rectangles, ceramic, tile, and brick.

For creativity, intuition, and flexibility, integrate more wood, floral upholstery, wall coverings, drapes, pillars, and columns.

For a more relaxed and spiritual environment, integrate anything with water, crystals, glass, or mirrors.

It’s important not to overdo too much of any element. Use variety and balance.



Light is one of the most important aspects when it comes to achieving harmony and balance. Skylights and windows are critical. Make sure your windows are never broken or dirty.

You can cover your windows with blinds or curtains. Blinds can be more affordable, depending on the material and you may opt for—paper, bamboo, wooden, or plastic. Curtains can provide more coziness and privacy.


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